Restaurant sales

Which states are doing the worst, the best for restaurant sales?

Staff at The Vineyard restaurant prepare food and drink for guests in accordance with social distancing guidelines in June. Photo contributed.

published on December 31, 2020 – 2:57 PM
Written by Business Journal staff

Across the country, among all types of restaurants, a new study shows spending on food and drink only declined by an average of 1% year-over-year, but a regional review of the data shows a more nuanced story.

Comparing the latter part of December to January (before the US pandemic restrictions), consumer spending at restaurants across states ranges from a 26% increase to a 47% decline, according to a press release citing data. from TOP Data and Zenreach.

John Kelly, CEO of Zenreach, said: “With the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocketing and with the return of more trade restrictions, it’s clear that we won’t be out of the woods for a while. The difference, however, between this recent wave of closures and those that took place earlier in the year is that we now have a better understanding of the formula for getting through this difficult time.

“If you can create a safe restaurant environment, effectively target your best customers, and maintain (or even increase) your marketing spend, the more likely you are to be successful in attracting customers to your establishments and to maintain your restaurant business during that time.” hard time. “

The data compared the last two weeks of December to January 2020. For more context, according to United States census data presented by the National Restaurant Association, seasonally adjusted $ 65.5 billion was spent last January in restaurants. bars and restaurants.

Data shows an average 29% drop in restaurant sales in California, the fourth worst in the country.

Idaho suffered the most with an average drop of 47%.

Washington state recorded the largest increase, recording a 26% increase in restaurant sales in the past two weeks compared to January.

The increases or decreases were not distributed evenly across restaurant types. TOP Data data shows a 56% increase in GrubHub sales from January 2020. Sonic showed a 42% increase in sales and Chik-Fil-A grew 23% in sales over the same period. . Meanwhile, Olive Garden’s sales were down 33%, Subway’s by 27% and Chile’s by 17%, the statement said.

Here are the top states that are currently spending more in restaurants than in January 2020, in terms of percentage increase:

Washington – 26%
Utah – 24%
South Dakota – 20%
Alaska – 19%
Alabama – 18%
Nebraska – 18%
North Dakota – 16%
Indiana – 15%
Montana – 15%
Kentucky – 14%
Delaware – 14%
Wisconsin – 13%

And here’s a list of states spending less on restaurants than in January 2020, in terms of percentage decrease:

Idaho – 47%
Massachusetts – 41%
Rhode Island – 34%
California – 29%
New Jersey – 24%
New Hampshire – 19%
New York – 18%
Connecticut – 17%
Florida – 11%
Michigan – 11%
Nevada – 10%
Pennsylvania – 7%