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Top Flavor Trends Drive Restaurant Sales


When it comes to menu optimization, giving customers the ability to customize their meals is probably one of the best strategies for retaining happy customers.

However, increasing menu variety does not necessarily mean increasing the number of recipes employees must learn, the time spent on prep work, or the number of ingredients in the kitchen inventory. With time-saving solutions for changing the flavor profile of consumer-favorite dishes, like ready-to-eat salad dressings and dipping sauces in fan-favorite flavors, customization can be done in no time.

Digital-driven trends

The pandemic has caused many operators to focus more on digital platforms, and having more control over their orders is one of the favorite aspects of customers when ordering online. According to Technomic 2020 Technology Consumer Trends Report66% of consumers say they expect to be able to customize menu items when ordering on a website or mobile app, and around a third say that if the platform doesn’t allow them to customize, they will order elsewhere.

Opportunities to personalize meals also help promote consumer retention in other ways. For example, a customer is less likely to keep returning to a certain restaurant if they are tired of the offers; if they have the option to switch things up with a fresh flavor or a different topping, they’ll be more likely to stay interested in the restaurant. And prepared sauces and dressings are a great low-labor way to do it.

Dressings and sauces in high demand

Dressings and dips offer one of the easiest ways for diners to customize their meal, and single servings, in particular, can be as appealing to customers as they are to operators. Since safety remains a top concern, single-serve dressing pouches and cups, such as those offered by Ken’s, provide an easy workaround for a high-touch condiment station in the restaurant, and pre-portioned containers mean that employees don’t have to take an extra step to serve the sauces – just add it to the order and go.

When creating a selection of sauces and dressings, operators can prioritize the flavors their consumers enjoy most. According to Technomic menu data, Ranch Dressing is by far the fan favorite, ranking first among dressings in terms of menu penetration. Other classics are also very popular, such as balsamic dressing, Italian dressing and Caesar dressing, as well as extra-dippable dressings such as blue cheese and honey mustard – and Ken’s is a one-stop-shop for all of these. flavors and more.

Across menu portions, daily portions and cuisine types, diners want options – and offering a range of mouth-watering dressings and sauces is one of the most margin-friendly ways for restaurateurs. Going to a trusted name with a wide range of recipes, like Ken’s, is a great strategy. With consumer-favorite salad dressings as well as light varieties and innovative flavors, available in pouches and single-serve cups for maximum convenience, Ken’s can help operators deliver the variety their consumers crave.

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