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The Next Big Restaurant Marketing Trend You Haven’t Heard Of

A&W restaurants, like many in the quick-service restaurant space, found themselves scrambling to make up for the loss of face-to-face interaction when dining rooms closed due to COVID-19. With limited opportunities to greet guests in person, A&W has partnered with Jebbit, a first-party digital experience and data company, to launch a series of interactive quizzes aimed at recapturing that personalized touch. And that helped propel A&W into its highest growth year in nearly a decade, as system-wide sales grew 8.5%.

“We’re always looking for new ways to interact with our customers,” says Spencer Barrett, digital manager at A&W. “It was an innovative strategy. We hear from a lot of vendors, but the folks at Jebbit were so passionate about their platform, not only was it a great choice for our business, but it was also exciting for us to work with people who were passionate about what they do.

Quizzes, or online experiences as they are sometimes called, can seem like an odd way for a quick-service restaurant to operate when trying to connect with diners, especially a quiz that at first glance has nothing to do with it. to do with the food. But, as Barrett explains, quizzes are more than a form of entertainment.

“Internet users not only like to talk about themselves, but they also like to know more about themselves,” says Barrett. “Quizzes allow people and our fans to engage with us and learn something about themselves or our brand. On the other hand, it gives us data on who these customers are.

A&W has introduced 10 digital experiences since October 2020, and the results have been enlightening. The quizzes generated nearly 40,000 views, with a 92% success rate and a 58% lead capture rate. The most successful digital experience, “what type of road tripper are you?” »Had an 85% lead capture rate and a 96% completion rate.

The data collected is what makes it such a valuable marketing tool for the brand. Unlike data collected from third-party sources, the information obtained through these online experiences comes directly from the user. This is both a more honest representation of the user and their data points, and a more transparent way to collect data. Especially in an age when user privacy on online platforms is a burning issue.

Barret explains how answering quiz questions like “what kind of road triper are you” can be turned into actionable strategies.

“The road tripper quiz specifically helped us understand our fans on an emotional level,” Barret said. “For example, many respondents, the majority of them, said that they prefer to travel with their partner and that their favorite part of a road trip is spending time with loved ones. So knowing a data point like this that people like to travel together and are usually with a significant other helps us with the content we post on social media. Are we showing people who enjoy our food together to really harness the shared experience of dining at an A&W? Even the types of coupons and discounts that we offer in our restaurants. So if we know people like to go to A&W with a friend, are we doing more BOGO deals and coupons or discounts so people can go with someone else? “

With the steady increase in e-commerce over the past few years, especially in the quick-service restaurant space where customers can now order online from almost any restaurant, online customer engagement has become paramount. Tom Coburn, co-founder and CEO of Jebbit, says the platform offers a great way to do this. He says the company’s interactive and personalized digital experiences provide immediate customer entertainment in exchange for first-party data secured for privacy.

“The quiz is really powerful because not only does it generate more purchases or capture leads in the moment,” Coburn says, “it also gives you all this really valuable question-and-answer data, the reported data we call it. . But we are not trying to be your final data warehouse. The builder that we created is really what defines us. If you are a Jebbit customer and have collected 90 million self-reported data points part one is their data, they own it.We are a platform that allows you to create experiences to go and capture that data.

The builder Coburn mentioned is the customizable platform on which online experiences are built. Jebbit customers personalize their online experiences using their brand logo, developing more engaging questions, and can even monitor the success of individual questions from specific experiences in real time.

Brands also gain another advantage when using the digital experience strategy: greater awareness of what they need to improve. Barrett says quizzes let A&W know which menu items aren’t doing a good job of marketing. If there is one product that customers need to be better informed about, these quizzes tell A&W which specific products deserve more attention.

So, are digital-based experiences the marketing tool of the future?

“One hundred percent,” says Barrett of A&W. “I think consumer data is getting harder and harder to come by. So, whenever you can take advantage of these data points, and in a way that is fun for the consumer, it will benefit any brand, especially those looking to learn more about their primary customer. The client is having fun and getting to know each other or sharing their opinions with us and we get data that we can use to really shape our strategy now and in the future.