Restaurant sales

Restaurant sales in Canada surpass pre-pandemic levels

Restaurant and bar sales in Canada surpassed pre-pandemic levels from 2019,

according to the latest data from Statistics Canada.

Sales at Canadian restaurants and bars rose 6.5% in March from February of this year to reach
$6.8 billion. Year-over-year sales were up 35% from March 2021 and up 4.9%
than in March 2019 before the start of the global pandemic.

The rise in restaurant and bar sales in March this year happened due to the pandemic
restrictions have been eased across the country. Ontario saw the largest dollar increase,
while Manitoba saw the largest percentage increase.

The increase in sales also coincided with soaring inflation and rising food prices around the world.
country. Restaurant food prices rose 5.4% in March from a year earlier,
according to Statistics Canada, while the prices of alcoholic beverages increased by 3.6% during the same

According to the Restaurants Canada trade group, prior to the pandemic, foodservice Canada
was a $95 billion industry that directly employed 1.2 million people. For more than two
years of pandemic restrictions on in-person dining across the country, the industry has lost hundreds
thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in sales.