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Restaurant sales and traffic take a hit in August, study finds

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Restaurant sales and traffic had increased in recent months. It came to a halt in August, as rising Covid numbers and media coverage of the Delta variant impacted sales and traffic numbers. Sales growth was only 6.1% in August, down 2.1 percentage points from the strong sales growth in July, and traffic growth was -5.4% in August , according to the Black Box Intelligence Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot report. This is the weakest sales growth reported since May and the worst traffic growth in the past three months.

Not all segments were equally affected by the drop in sales in August. Full-service restaurants saw their sales growth rate drop 3.8 percentage points from July. Less sales and traffic meant less pressure on execution, especially in an environment plagued by staff shortages.

It was a different story for limited service brands. When fears of Covid escalate, customers tend to shift some of their restaurant spending to limited-service brands and away from full-service brands. Limited-service brands saw a 0.8 percentage point improvement in sales growth in August compared to July.

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