Restaurant marketing

Petpooja launches restaurant marketing tool Tvito

It aims to allow restaurants to engage with their audience through digital marketing in a simplified way

Petpooja, a next-generation restaurant management platform offering state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) software to manage restaurant billing inventory, launched Tvito, a marketing tool for restaurants . With over 50,000 customizable templates from over 20 cuisines, it’s meant to make it easy for restaurants to engage with their audience through digital marketing.

Through a year-long research, the Petpooja team discovered that 30-40% of restaurants miss out on business opportunities due to lack of digital marketing on social media platforms. On average, restaurateurs spent Rs 300 on a graphic, which, if delayed, became an expense rather than a tool or investment. To help optimize costs, Tvito by Petpooja will provide restaurateurs with relevant content and design options on their smartphones within a minute.

The strong point of the tool is its simplicity. In three clicks, restaurateurs can publish the promotional visual on social networks. Moreover, in the selected template, one can edit both text and image content, reposition and resize the logo, edit the food image and share it directly on their social media pages. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Tvito allows restaurateurs and staff to manage social media marketing seamlessly. And given this model, the app has been incredibly successful. In just a week after its launch, Tvito added over 3,000 users from Play Store downloads. Currently, Petpooja offers free Tvito to restaurants. However, the platform plans to monetize the service at affordable prices, keeping in mind the rapidly growing F&B space among SMEs in India.

Tapan Patel, Vice President of New Initiative, Petpooja, said, “The F&B space is growing at a breakneck pace in India, with new restaurants emerging frequently. With fierce competition, restaurants need to be able to reach customers effectively, and content and design are key to helping them do that. With Tvito by Petpooja, restaurants can engage with their audience in a unique yet impactful way. We designed Tvito specifically as an easy-to-use app that will allow staff and restaurateurs to leverage it to reach and acquire customers. We have already received a phenomenal response from restaurants that use Tvito, and we will continue to improvise the tool to make it work better.