Restaurant sales

Notes on the dining room: Restaurant sales have not increased in the indies; The Cajun seafood boom continues

The Delawaren consume more food in restaurants, although the independents do not feel the love.

A study by TOP Data and Zenreach indicates that in a recent two-week period, Delaware posted a gain of 14%, the 11th best among the 50 states. In the first row was the state of Washington.

In contrast, neighbors New Jersey and Pennsylvania reported revenue losses of 24% and 7% respectively.

Overall restaurant spending fell only one percent nationally.

Carrie Leishman, president of the Delaware Restaurant Association, says the extra dollars for meals and take out are not going to independent establishments. She estimates that most independents have seen their sales fall by 50%, while fast food chains have gained market share. Declines for businesses with banquet halls are down by a larger percentage.

Crab Du Jour opens a second branch

Crab From Day opened a location near Christiana Hospital earlier this month with a location in the Fairfax Mall in north Wilmington slated to open in the coming weeks. The chain’s third location is in Dover.

Christiana’s location is on the site of Old Michael’s, a restaurant that closed after a long time at the location.

Crab Du Jour consists of 60 independently owned and operated locations in 12 states and offers what is described as “homemade seafood with generous portions”.

Offers include seafood baskets, Po’Boys and Gumbo.

The first restaurant opened in Raleigh, NC in 2019. Plans call for 130 restaurants nationwide by the end of 2021.

What happened to Robot Crab?

On the subject of restaurants with crab in their name, no opening has ever received more media attention than Robot Crab on Capitol Trail, just outside Newark. After all, how many restaurants have served your “Jetson-style” meal with a $ 20,000 Chinese food processor?

Even the Washington post left the Beltway to make a fuss, not to mention many Delaware Valley media outlets.

But the robots weren’t enough and a much lower crab spot, Crab house, opened at the same location last year.

Like a host of other crabbing places that have opened their doors, the menu features baskets of seafood, Dungeness crab, as well as Po Boy sandwiches and okra.

The location has a story from top to bottom. Although Soffritto operated on the site for several years, this restaurant and its operators struggled with the large footprint which included a banquet hall added a few years before the Italian restaurant closed.

Two Claws to open the second location

Finally, two claws, which opened a while ago at Governor’s Square Mall in Bear is planning to open a second outpost in Price Corner Mall, which will soon house a new Target store.

You guessed it, Two Claws offers Cajun seafood porridge and related dishes.