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Misfit Media Launches Groundbreaking New Restaurant Marketing Programs, Releases New Book

Misfit Media Brett Linkletter Jace Kovacevich MarketingAmid a desperate rush among restaurateurs to secure their businesses without losing customers, the perfect solution for profit sustainability has been brought right to our doors through the valiant efforts of Misfit Media Incorporated.

We all know how the pandemic has bankrupted a number of restaurants and caused a sharp drop in restaurant owners’ incomes. But as Brett Linkletter, CEO and co-founder of Misfit Media, rightly put it: “With crisis comes opportunity, so instead of worrying about the negative economic effects of the pandemic, we should think about the best way to adapt. Whatever happens, people need to be able to eat their daily meals, so it’s up to us to figure out how. “

A common problem in the restaurant industry is that a lot of people don’t have an exact way to measure the effectiveness of their marketing, or even to determine whether it is actually working or not. In light of this, Misfit Media has created a number of creative strategies for restaurant businesses to acquire and retain customers, and also enable them to track their exact ROI.

By applying the concepts of e-commerce marketing to restaurant marketing, Misfit Media has created an effective automated tracking system that measures the metrics of a restaurant advertising campaign and provides detailed return on your ROI. Through this method, the operator can fully understand the level of success of marketing initiatives by tracking and compiling results over time. “That way you’ll be able to tell if your marketing strategies are working well or if you may need to turn up the heat,” added Jace Kovacevich, co-founder of the California-based company. “Our goal is to help our restaurant customers record and then interpret the metrics of success,” said Kovacevich. “These measures are essential to the growth of your business. “

To improve customer engagement, Misfit has implemented a Chat Automation strategy that allows restaurateurs to manage a smooth flow of guest chats through regular means including text messages, email and Facebook messaging. In order to acquire customer contacts for this mode of marketing engagement, Misfit Media has launched a much talked about QR Code Scanner technique. As a result, customers of Misfit restaurants are able to provide their customers with the ability to scan the QR code with their phone. This allows the customer to access their menu, while the restaurant is able to automatically and transparently collect contact information and sign the customer up for their Facebook Messenger marketing list.

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From there, customers of the Misfit restaurant are directed to the restaurant’s database. The restaurant is then able to plan, execute and monitor its online marketing campaigns with the customer. “It’s about understanding your data and your customers. If we know how to serve ads specifically to new people, while re-marketing at an affordable price to existing fans, we can make smarter decisions in our marketing, which leads to further growth for the business, ”he said. continued Linkletter.

“We help our restaurateurs create a unique message by creating a case that highlights the unique characteristics of restaurants with the aim of choosing your restaurant over competitors that they might be currently loyal to,” said Kovacevich.

Misfit Media has also carefully refined its portfolio of services to reflect the changes created by the pandemic. Covid-19 has ushered in the expansion of outdoor dining and take-out delivery. “We understand how important it is for our restaurant customers to maximize the revenue generated by their online ordering platforms,” said Linkletter. To achieve this goal, Misfit Media has designed a proprietary online ordering platform called “Dineline”. It allows restaurant customers to easily place orders directly at restaurants of their choice, directly on their site and without any commission on orders. Seats inside can be closed, seats outside can be seasonal, but the chances of stopping online orders are nonexistent, ”explained Linkletter.

In addition to online ordering, Misfit also understands the marketing pandemic challenge of a restaurant’s commitment to safety and sanitation as restaurants prepare for colder weather and returning customers to the city. interior dining rooms. “We work with our customers to market their commitment to new cleaning protocols and ensuring customer safety, ”said Linkletter.

Misfit understands how to draw customers inside with carefully crafted advertisements and marketing messages that focus on minimizing contact with people and surfaces to improve customer confidence. Misfit’s approach to its restaurant customer includes messages that highlight safety measures.

In their new book, titled “Misfit Marketing for Restaurants: How to Acquire, Retain and Follow Customers,” Brett and Jace outline a number of principles that will enable restaurateurs to adapt the marketing changes that have been made necessary by Covid. -19.

It also provides a comprehensive set of strategies that can be applied during and well after the pandemic.

“Social media is a very impactful tool that you can use to build your marketing funnel, engage customers, and measure the scalability of your restaurant business,” Linkletter concluded. “Our mission as an agency is to help each restaurant develop its business. So while we couldn’t work with everyone, we knew we could write a book that could help make a huge and positive impact for many people.
Restaurants. ”

Catering professionals are also invited to visit Misfit Media website. It provides customers with insight into effective restaurant marketing techniques. It also has a link to their podcasts and case study videos, which explain specific issues unique to the restaurant industry. The site also suggests possible solutions and opportunities that can be exploited to give your business a much needed boost. Potential clients also have the option of setting up a free strategy session with Misfit Media’s expert performance consultants. These non-binding sessions give restaurants the opportunity to discuss and learn strategies to attract and retain restaurant customers.