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London Restaurant Marketing Agency’s expanded digital services help drive 100,000 bookings for hospitality customers

London Restaurant Marketing Agency's expanded digital services help drive 100,000 bookings for hospitality customers( After 5 years of successfully managing search marketing projects for restaurants, hotels and bars in London, the extensive digital services of one of the UK’s leading restaurant marketing agencies have now helped deliver more 100,000 reservations to their customers.

Accompanying medium ( was created when the founders, Andrew Nicholas and Matt Goodfield, realized that despite the growing need for more effective online marketing for the restaurant and hospitality industry, the quality of the services provided and the results obtained left much to be desired.

Many of their clients had experienced disappointing campaigns that promised a lot, but failed to deliver. Worse still, despite the large budgets these campaigns required, it was often difficult to understand exactly what business they had brought in and what the return on investment was.

SideDish knew that the capital’s bars, restaurants and hotels deserved a better and more responsible approach. So they focused on providing a painless, transparent and traceable way for hospitality venue owners and managers to market themselves online.

They realized that these companies didn’t necessarily want to become digital marketing experts, but they wanted to trust the partner agencies they were working with so they could make more internet bookings and see proof of what they were getting. for every penny of their precious marketing budget.

This is exactly what SideDish has offered its clients, who have benefited from an effective, scalable and measurable approach to their online marketing. This approach means that their recent projects can be shown to have generated over 100,000 bookings for their clients.

From the wedding venue client whose project generated more bookings in a month than in 2019, to the restaurant owner who restarted his campaign as soon as the lockdown was lifted and has had over 700 confirmed bookings from his project since then, SideDish’s proven approach helps businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

The recent expansion of the range of digital marketing services that SideDish is able to offer its clients will build on the success of these previous campaigns and their proven approach.

They are now able to offer hotel business owners and managers comprehensive and integrated campaigns across all marketing platforms and promise to generate more business for restaurants, bars and hotels in the capital and even greater returns on their marketing spend.

The hospitality industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, making the drive to attract more guests, and the costs of doing so, more critical than ever to business success. More than 100 business owners and managers now trust SideDish Media’s efficient and transparent approach to meeting these challenges, with the resulting 100,000 confirmed bookings confirming that they made the right choice.

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