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Digital fundraisers boost restaurant sales amid pandemic

McAlister’s Deli, On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina and Modern Market roll out new solution for restaurants to engage local community groups

( Think restaurant fundraising is a thing of the past? Think again: fundraising for restaurants has gone digital and the results are staggering.

As dining restrictions continue to evolve, restaurants can now accommodate digital fundraisers that promote their digital + other ordering methods. This is all made possible by the latest feature from GroupRaise, the leading fundraising platform for restaurants nationwide.

Over 5,000 restaurants, including brands such as MOD Pizza, On the Border, Wendy’s and McAlister’s Deli, have found great value in hosting digital events for fundraising groups like:

  • Digital fundraising events increased average sales in 2021 by 27%
  • Month after month, the demand for digital fundraisers has increased 200% via the GroupRaise platform

On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina maintained event sales in 2020 by offering takeout and dinner fundraising events. As of 2021, they have average sales 12% higher than their peak in 2019. Tara Barnett, senior director of offsite and local marketing, said:

“Before GroupRaise, every CEO simply managed our fundraisers through phone call logs. We had to produce emails and produce other materials to support these events individually. GroupRaise really helped manage that and automate email communication. It took a lot of work from us at the company level, but also at the restaurant level.

The Saxton group, which operates more than 80 McAlister’s Deli branches, restarted its fundraising program amid the pandemic in September 2020. Lily Saer, Marketing Manager, comments on the matter:

Ultimately, we had to implement a new fundraising structure that included CNC, and that was the biggest help and the best option for us. Many organizations were so grateful as they sought support during the pandemic that we were unable to get them. And now that we are able to, and we come up with a new way of doing it through these online ordering systems – and it has been so fantastic.

The modern West Coast based market where widespread door-to-door orders were in place, held fundraising events only through online orders. Teresa, their director of operations services, says:

GroupRaise has helped our brand organize online events by providing our operators with an easy to manage dashboard. The dashboard facilitates the entire process from start to finish, from inquiries and planning to reporting. The communication feature allows us to easily chat with event planners to help enforce our policies and check attendance in advance, fostering relationships with our communities. “

Local restaurants and national brands join GroupRaise for increased brand awareness, additional sales, new customer acquisition, promotional tools and automated operational support.

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