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Cafeteria service on the move with a new food truck | Open

A cafeteria, a vending machine and, now, a food truck.

Southwest High School is expanding the way it serves food to students with a ServeSmart Cruisin’ Café, slated to arrive by the end of spring break.

According to the ServeSmart website, the Cruisin’ Café is a small, temperature-controlled electric food truck designed to be a mobile food outlet in schools. Its presence means that students won’t have to walk to the cafeteria for hot meals and cold drinks.

Matt Phillips, principal of Southwest High School, said that by adding another outlet, the administration hopes to increase meal attendance.

“If we expand to where students can get their food, hopefully more can eat,” Phillips said.

Erika Allen, director of nutrition services at Central Union High School District, said, “We serve about 55% of the student population, but we would like more participation.

The expanded access will not be limited to the Cruisin’ Café food truck: the garage that will house it is also a Quick Café.

“This garage will also be able to serve food,” Phillips said. “It’s actually two service outlets in one.”

Aidan Leyva, 17, a junior at Southwest, said these additional service points would make lunch more convenient.

“It’s something new that’s always welcome in the Southwest,” Leyva said.