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Afghan restaurant sales drop 80%, owner fears for future

A Kabul restaurant owner said the Taliban takeover left him hopeless. Sales fell by 80% at Mojeburahman Musleh’s establishment, the Laziz Mahal restaurant. The people of Afghanistan have reduced purchasing power and cannot afford to eat out, he told Insider. Loading Something is loading. Until three months ago, sales were steadily increasing at Laziz Mahal, […]

Restaurant sales

Restaurant sales and traffic take a hit in August, study finds

By: Kerry Pipes | 1,335 readings | 1 actions Restaurant sales and traffic had increased in recent months. It came to a halt in August, as rising Covid numbers and media coverage of the Delta variant impacted sales and traffic numbers. Sales growth was only 6.1% in August, down 2.1 percentage points from the strong […]

Restaurant sales

Rave Restaurant sales, profits remain on track for growth

September 21, 2021 Rave Restaurant Group reported its fifth consecutive quarter of positive sales and profits for the fourth quarter ended June 27, 2021, according to an earnings report. The company recorded net income of $ 926,000 for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 compared to net income of $ 31,000 for the same period […]

Restaurant sales

Delta has cut restaurant sales, but Americans are still spending a lot of money

The delta variant of the coronavirus slashed restaurant sales in August, but Americans instead spent more money on other products. A survey of retailers shows sales rose sharply in the past month, with the exception of a few categories that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Take receipts from restaurants. They barely increased […]

Restaurant sales

Restaurant sales were flat in August, even as the coronavirus increased

Restaurant sales were flat in August as COVID increased./Photo: Shutterstock The delta variant slowed the recovery of the restaurant industry. But he didn’t break it. Restaurant sales stagnated in August, according to U.S. census data released Thursday. Food services and drinking places generated just under $ 72 billion in sales in August, up 32% from […]

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas For October

Finding new marketing ideas for restaurants can sometimes be difficult for restaurant owners and operators. Fortunately, October has a tasty selection of food-focused days that offer the right ingredients to help create your restaurant’s marketing menu. Since October is National Pizza Month, pizza deals and promotions are a natural fit. National Chili Month shares the […]

Restaurant sales

How AI-powered menu grouping can boost restaurant sales

For restaurant and convenience store marketers, campaign selection is a challenge. They should factor in the cost of guest messaging as well as any discount or reward to include. They must also weigh the relevance of the message and the end monetary goal. Too large an offer can break the campaign budget, but too narrow […]

Restaurant sales

Luby’s Closes Restaurant Sales, Reaches New Deal To Sell Real Estate

Luby’s signed a deal last week to sell dozens of Texas properties to an Arizona-based real estate company in a deal valued at $ 88 million. Store Capital Acquisitions has agreed to buy up to 26 of Luby’s Texas properties and expects to close the sale on Oct. 12, according to a filing with the […]

Restaurant sales

As Americans dine out, Hormel restaurant sales increase

Americans are dining out again, and sales at Hormel restaurants reflect this. The restaurant business at the company, which serves the restaurant industry, jumped 45% from last year’s pandemic-induced lull in the summer quarter. The Austin, Minnesota-based food maker on Thursday reported sales growth across all lines of business in its fiscal third quarter ended […]