Restaurant marketing

The economics of trust and the future of restaurant marketing

In addition to social media issues, there are continuing data privacy concerns. March 2020 and COVID have triggered changes for the restaurant industry that have ushered in a new era. Restaurants have been forced to close or pivot to delivery and transportation. Some have returned to outdoor dining, but things are still far from the […]

Restaurant sales

At the restaurant: Restaurant sales heat up in September but lack heat from previous months

US bar and restaurant sales in September continued to rebound from pandemic-induced declines earlier in the year, although the pace of growth remained slower than in previous months. Food services and drinking places also added jobs at a moderate pace in September, suggesting that a longer recovery may be in store for the restaurant industry. […]

Restaurant sales

Decline in sales of cafes and restaurants – hotels

The latest retail trade figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show Australian retail turnover fell 0.3% in January 2020, following a 0.7% fall in December 2020. Cafes, restaurants and takeaways were among the sectors that saw declines, with revenue down 0.3%. The industry wasn’t the worst, however – there were also declines for […]