Restaurant sales

First look at the impact of the coronavirus on restaurant sales

The spread of COVID-19 over the past few months — and subsequent social distancing and closed dining rooms — has reduced restaurant sales in all corners of the industry. But the situation has cut some brands much deeper than others. In this overall negative picture, there are clearly haves and have-nots. Analysis of recently released […]

Restaurant sales

Here’s how much restaurant sales fell in the past month

Photograph by Jonathan Maze It’s official: restaurant sales fell off a cliff last month. According to federal retail sales data released this week, sales in food services and drinking places were down 23% in March and 26.5% from their February level as states began to close dining rooms and operators who have closed their doors. […]

Restaurant sales

Dining Out: Pandemic Hits U.S. Restaurant Sales in March; experts fear the worst to come

Experts say the pain for the US restaurant industry is set to continue after sales fell nearly a quarter in March as the coronavirus keeps dining halls closed across the country and businesses look to snag take-out and delivery sales. Nearly half a million restaurant workers lost their jobs in March in what experts say […]

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21 Restaurant Marketing Tips To Generate Income During COVID-19 by food impossible | What if?

Dear average Impossible Foods readers: At the end of last year, we started our own blog at and stopped posting on our Medium page. If you’d like to check out our new, regularly updated content, as well as all of our archival content, go to Thanks for reading! It has been an incredibly […]

Restaurant sales

Coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on restaurant sales in March

The rapid decline in restaurant sales in the second half of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic was enough to send the industry plummeting to its worst month in decades. Same-store sales fell 28.3% in March. This update comes from data from Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) of more than 50,000 restaurants and $75 billion […]

Restaurant sales

Have restaurant sales bottomed out?

He agrees that the week ending March 22 has the biggest spike. This is the period when many counties and states implemented stay-at-home guidelines. It’s also worth remembering, Restuarant365 said, that the data includes restaurants that have closed, compounding the decline. March 11 really marked the moment when sales plummeted. Company data showed sales in […]