Restaurant marketing

Why traffic generation is always at the heart of restaurant marketing

The fast food industry has seen upheaval in recent years as the ways in which customers interact with brands and how they shop have evolved dramatically. Brands have been forced to completely rethink the customer experience. The provision of in-store tablets and touchscreens to enable self-service ordering and the implementation of digital signage and the […]

Restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for February

There’s a lot to love about marketing your restaurant in February. Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday are always big days for restaurants, but February is also Cherry Month, Heart Month and Hot Breakfast Month. And it does not stop there. For beverage marketing, pour something special on Latte Day, Kahlua Day, Margarita Day, and […]

Restaurant sales

Poor restaurant sales in December set up an uncertain start to 2020

Same-store restaurant sales fell 2.1% year over year in December, the worst result for the industry in more than two years. A lag in the recording of the Thanksgiving holiday was partly responsible for the disastrous results, which offset the positive figures recorded in November. This report comes from data from Black Box Intelligence (formerly […]